Market Review October

Hunting for Red October

Investors are looking through a periscope at the financial markets in this month of October, which looks like a plunge into deep water. Fears of recession, rising long-term interest rates in the United States and, unfortunately, the war in Gaza are increasing the pressure on assets that were already weakened. All asset classes are gradually slipping into the red: Swiss equities, property and bonds. In equities, it is Switzerland and its biggest Swiss stocks (Nestlé, Roche, Richemont) that are suffering the most.

Bonds are being affected by a dual international effect: falling currencies and rising interest rates. The Swiss index, on the other hand, remains in positive territory thanks to a CHF that investors are seeking. Swiss property posted its worst monthly performance of the year.

Only precious metals offset some of the losses in other asset classes.

The risk indicator rose sharply over the month, with all sub-indices up.

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Market Review October